image of mother and childJoseph’s House promotes the sanctity of life and the dignity of women by providing a nurturing home for mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy. The physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the mother and her baby are cared for through the loving direction of staff members and access to resources including, educational, occupational and spiritual in the Catholic tradition, giving them the opportunity to achieve their God-given potential.

We are now open and serving moms!

If you are pregnant and in need of help, please contact us at 315 288-0319.



Join our “1000 person Partner for Life challenge” by donating $10 per month, please see our donation page or simply send a voided check to 127 Chapel Dr. Syracuse, NY 13219 with the monthly amount in the memo section.  May we work together in solidarity for the glory of our beloved Savior Jesus Christ, His Immaculate Mother and His foster-father and our patron, St. Joseph.



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A Story from our House Manager Val

two sisters

One afternoon during a particularly hectic week, I was informed by staff of two ladies seated in the parlor, who wished to speak with me. It was noted that one wore a Nun’s habit. In my curiosity to meet the unexpected guests, I wrapped up a conference call, and hurried downstairs. Upon entering the room where they waited, both women jumped to their feet, and presented me with glowing expressions and a heavenly request: “So sorry to bother you,” the one in formal garments began, offering the reason for their presence at Joseph’s House. “I am Sister Moira, and this is my sister, Anna. We are traveling from Illinois, and are very tired.” The woman dressed in casual clothing quickly spoke up. “You see, I am only able to accompany Sr. Moira to this point,” she explained, “and will be taking the evening train back home. I would like to ask if my sister can find some rest at this house, before she continues alone on her drive to Canada.” They then detailed the story of a long passage in the graceful native voice of their birthplace, Argentina. Like a duet, they strung words together, taking turns back and forth, to complete the verses. The two had reunited for the first time in years, spending recent days together in faith and love. Sr. Moira’s consecrated life with the Contemplative Sisters of St. John, meant a great amount of work and relocation, away from home and relatives. Her younger sister, Anna, a St. John’s Oblate, also moved between various locations according to the needs of her ministry. Gradually, an unmistakable spirit of warmth and blessing enveloped the room, while they told how they had placed their trust in God. As it went, in a small village at the start of their journey, they had prayed at the hilltop church of St. Joseph, asking him to oversee their trip. Surely the foster father of Jesus, remembered the concerns of traveling with family, and the feeling of having to rely completely on God for protection. St. Joseph knew, just as these pilgrims did, the perseverance faith requires, when an open door is not easily found. After spending the previous night outside, at a closed, Catholic retreat, (Anna in the cramped seat of their small car, and Sr. Moira on the doorstep, because she wanted to be nearer to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament) the weary siblings began knocking on doors in hope of finding a good place to rest and clean up. As it happens, there was no room for them at any of the inns, much like the experience of the Holy Family on the first Christmas Eve. Though finding no vacancy at their previous stop, they were kindly directed to try the Chancery in the city, and although the GPS mapped out a different path to downtown, they felt an inner nudge to turn onto our street. Now anyone familiar with Joseph’s House, knows there is a lovely statue of the Blessed Mother in the yard. It was this image of Our Lady, that urged Sr. Moira to come to our door. “Sister,” she said to Anna. “This must be a Catholic home, perhaps they will be able to help us.” So when Sr. Moira rang the bell, she was not totally surprised to be greeted with a big smile, but was especially relieved to see one of our staff wearing a shirt with the logo: Joseph’s House. After all, it was the dear St. Joseph they had entrusted with their safety. In listening to their concern for one another, Anna’s being that her sister should have sleep before finishing the last part of the route to Montreal, and Sr. Moira’s thought that Anna needed a bite to eat and a hot
shower before the long train ride back home, I was overjoyed to say: “Yes, we have a room for you here! In fact, we have lots of rooms!!!” With these words, Sr. Moira’s hand gently brushed the pale wooden Rosary beads fastened near her waist. I immediately insisted they join us for dinner too, and neither declined the invitation. Rather, they expressed humble appreciation for the offering of a home cooked meal of salmon, baked potatoes,
vegetables, and warm walnut brownies. The “delicious feast,” as the sisters called it, was all prepared with a generous heart at last minute’s notice, by our highly efficient RA, Michelle. In her usual calm way, she put everything in motion with a shrug of her shoulders, and her typical words, “easy peasy.” As pots & pans clinked into action, and the table was carefully set, Sr. Moira quietly found her way to our chapel for Vespers. Upstairs, Kitty and I ran around like excited kids, arranging a proper space for Anna to freshen up. Much the same as any busy home however, we found the less than perfect scattering of damp towels, hair products, and other items in the dorm shower areas. In a panic, we dashed to check the private bath on the other end of the house, but discovered there wasn’t a shower curtain on the rod. I quickly ran to my office bathroom and fumbled to pull down the one hanging in there, and with the heap of vinyl in my arms, rushed to find Kitty again, only to have her tell me the cold water barely trickled from the old tap in the private bath! So, unless Anna wanted a really hot shower, that definitely would not do. We then scrambled back to rehang the curtain in the bath near the office, when all at once the whole scene seemed so ridiculous that we burst into giggles over the absurdity. Here we were in a gigantic home with eleven showers, yet we were bumping into each other as we frantically tried to find just one we could offer. And yet I must say with all sincerity, the reality of untidy imperfection only enriched the overall sense of a real home and family. Well, the surprise visit eventually turned into a homey blend of sisterly chat around the table, with plenty of laughter and genuine bonding through a mutual faith in Christ Jesus, and a
familiar kinship with St. Joseph. After a satisfying meal and cheerful
conversation, Sr. Moira confessed unusual exhaustion and excused herself to the chapel for evening prayer. Knowing she’d be turning in early, I was happy to have a well-appointed room waiting for her on the second floor. Thanks to our RA’s, Theresa and Tiffany, it had been meticulously cleaned and set up beforehand. A new rose-printed comforter and sham, donated by Leah Valenti’s daughter, Gina, dressed the comfy bed in girly fashion. “It’s beautiful” our tired guest sighed gratefully when I showed her to her quarters, “and it’s pink!” At last, with Sr. Moira tucked in for some much needed rest, Michelle tucked extra brownies in a bag for Anna to take with her on the train. To my delight, I had the pleasure of her company a little longer when I brought her to the station, and then again when her departure time was delayed. There, we settled on a bench to share the homemade snack, as Anna shared more precious glimpses of the love that bridges the distance between siblings, and the sacrifices made in religious vocation. Her little stories touched my heart in a tender way, finding in her words the deep affection and understanding which connects them. Later, on the drive home, as a warm rain fell from the night sky, I marveled at the gift of needed graces sprinkled from heaven that day. In the bustle of a stressful week, Our Lord had sent us spiritual refreshment, and in that special visit we were sweetly reminded how we’re all God’s family. In His constant care, we are united in faith and love.


Father and maker of all, you adorn all creation with splendor and beauty, and fashion human lives in your image and likeness. Awaken in every heart reverence for the work of your hands, and renew among your people a readiness to nurture and sustain your precious gift of life. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever.




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